• Image of Koshka #2: Homesick and Hungry Zine

Koshka Zine returns with its second issue, delving into the theme "Homesick and Hungry", where food, culture, and nostalgia converge on a Central and Eastern European mindspace.

This issue features:

+ A photographic look into DIY Czech Greenhouses by Riley A. Arthur

+ Illustrations from granny's kitchen by Csenge Csato

+ A visual parody of Eastern European store shelves by Robert Krums

+ Personal narrative on being gay and foreign in Russia by Jonathan Sanchez Leos

+ A homesick comic by Milena Simeonova

+ Oma's Recipes and an illustrated product guide of Eastern treats by Kaitlin Kostus

Cover illustrations by Kaitlin Kostus. 11x17", 16 pages, black and white offset print on newsprint with red spot color on front and back covers. Released April 2012.